Angler of the year

Angler of the Year, Past to Present
The Gillespie Bass Club was started in 1975. The angler who compiles the most points at the end of the year is awarded the convened Angler of the year title. This is no easy feat to accomplish when your fishing against so many great anglers! Not only do you get to wear the title of being the leader, you also get all of your entry fees paid for the next year. Here is the list:

Bob Halteman 1975
Bob Halteman 1976
Perry Halteman 1977
Bob Halteman 1978
Floyd Carder 1979
Floyd Carder 1980
Perry Halteman 1981
Perry Halteman 1982
Perry Halteman 1983
Lonnie Gerdes 1984
Perry Halteman 1985
Perry Halteman 1986
Gary Fields 1987
Mike Grejtak 1988
Mike Slightom 1989
Perry Halteman 1990
Mike Grejtak 1991
Perry Halteman 1992
Perry Halteman 1993
Jim Matesa 1994
Perry Halteman 1995
Perry Halteman 1996
Jim Matesa 1997
Mike Grejtak 1998
Jim Matesa 1999
Joe Schardan 2000
Mike Slightom 2001
Lonnie Gerdes 2002
Lonnie Gerdes 2003
Nelson Marasti 2004
JQ Halteman 2005
Lonnie Gerdes 2006
Gus Viehweg 2007
Mike Slightom 2008
Mike Grejtak 2009
Chad Satterlee 2010
Greg Satterlee 2011
Roger Large 2012
Chad Satterlee 2013
Lonnie Gerdes 2014
JQ Halteman 2015

Karl Tallman 2016

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