Otter Lake Circuit

Fellow club member, Levi Rosentretter has the following information he would like to share:

Hey guys… I’m starting a team bass tournament series at Otter Lake this year. There will be 12 tournaments throughout the spring and summer, plus a “Classic” for the top anglers of the year. Entry fee will be $40 per boat. The first tournament will be April 6th. For the full schedule, visit and join the Facebook group, Otter Lake Tournament Series. For all rules and information, visit HERE

One thought on “Otter Lake Circuit

  1. Thanks Brad… I know some of you expressed concerns about not being able to fish all of the tournaments, which would diminish your chances of making the Classic. I was trying to come up with a way to accommodate for this and to give everyone motivation to come fish, even if they could not commit to the full schedule. I have decided that anyone who wins at least one season tournament will automatically qualify for the Classic. I hope to see you guys there!

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