Bill Augustine Wins Top-Ten Classic on Carlinville!

The top ten anglers with the most compiled points during the regular season get the chance to compete in the Classic. This year the classic was held on Carlinville lake and the results are as follows:

1st, Bill Augustine, 5 fish, 14.87 lbs. (also) Big Bass of Tourney, 5.69 lbs.

2nd, Butch Revelle, 4 fish, 10.74 lbs.

3rd, JQ Halteman, 5 fish, 8.70 lbs.

4th, Greg Satterlee, 5 fish, 8.13 lbs.

5th, Roger Large, 2 fish, 4.64 lbs.

6th, Karl Tallman, 3 fish, 4.43 lbs.

7th, Ian Binney, 3 fish, 4.15 lbs.

8th, Kevin Troeckler, 1 fish, 2.14 lbs.

9th, Jimmy Null, 1 fish, 2.05 lbs.

10th, Mike Grejtak, 1 fish, 1.25 lbs.

10 anglers caught 40 fish for a total weight of 71.33 lbs.

Until next year…Good fishin’

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